Why Authorities Should Ban Religious Symbols In Public Places

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In our world religious symbols means a lot to the people who beliefs in religion. Role of symbols is very high in our world and sometimes it is not good for our society because some people give them too high attention. Also Religious symbols are showing the beliefs of people and what they love. Every religion has its own symbols so there is a high number of different types of symbols so the number of people who wears religious symbols is also very high, but some of these symbols are not hidden and they are open for everyone to see and that could be the main problem. Some people say that authorities cannot ban religious symbols in public places because people have their own rights to wear what they where they want, but for several reasons authorities should ban religious symbols in places like senior schools or kindergartens. The first and main reason for this is that it can be psychologically bad for kids. Because little kids are affected very easily and one particular symbol can work…show more content…
So the kid who wears religious symbols in class could be discriminated in class by other children because he 's slightly different than others. Authorities should ban wearing religious symbols in examination periods too, because people can cheat during the examination with the help of the religious symbols. There was a case in turkey where a girl applied against her school, which abandoned her to wear religious symbols in exam time coming from a traditional family of practicing Muslims, this girl thought that it was her religious duty to wear the hijab during the exam or class time, but the rule which was announced in 1998 which was banning wearing hijabs during exams and this girl applied against this in court, but the court didn 't see any kind of violation of Article

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