Why Baseball Is Important Essay

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Sports are the most important things in millions of people’s lives. A ton of people only use sports for entertainment, but others use them for much more. For example, some people pay attention to every aspect of the sport and act as if they are the coach of their favorite team. One of the most played sports in the U.S.A is its national pastime, baseball. To be successful in baseball, players should display teamwork, athleticism, and a positive attitude. Major League baseball players should all know how to work as a team and have chemistry. The best players throughout history and in the present all have known how to work together. They have all learned and utilized this important skill because they knew that baseball is a team sport. Other…show more content…
Baseball players will play noticeably better if they are athletic because being athletic allows players to make crisper and quicker movements while they are batting and fielding. Being athletic also allows players to work to have better hand-eye coordination and that is vital in baseball. Good hand-eye coordination allows players to play all aspects of baseball in an easier fashion, whenever a ball is hit to a player with good hand-eye coordination, coaches do not have to worry because they know that the player will make the play. Athleticism allows baseball players to play the sport better and look good while doing it. Lastly, above everything, baseball players should have a positive attitude no matter what. Players with a positive attitude have a much better chance of making any baseball team because that is what coaches like in a player. Coaches can not stand it when a player makes a mistake and hangs their head and all of a sudden only cares about himself. Nobody in the world is perfect and some players do not seem to understand this after they make a mistake. Players with bad attitudes not only bring themselves down, they bring their team with
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