Why Baseball Is Important

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Comfort. What does this word mean to you? An even better question is where does this mean to you? Everyone strives for a sense of comfort, whether that means what job you are at, who you are around, or what you are doing at the time. The game of baseball includes millions of people striving to find comfort in what they do between the lines, and that is demonstrated by the rituals and superstitions that surround the game of baseball. Certain people need to take the exact same way to the ball field every day, they need to tape there right wrist a certain way, but there left wrist needs to have an Evoshield, and these are just a few examples of the constant superstitions. For example, Turk Wendell would brush his teeth between every inning that…show more content…
If this is not a quote that truly explains the marks that home life can do to someone, I do not know what does. This shows that no matter what kind of home life people have went through, it will forever affect them. This is because home as a child is the base of everything, whether it is how to treat one another, what is love, what is hard work, what is comfort. A strong home life will mold a child into a life style that develops strong qualities that will not budge because of peer pressure. The kicker is that home life can create just as bad effects as good ones. One huge way that home life can detrimentally affect a child’s whole life is divorce. Churchill writes that, “One study reported that persons raised in divorced families have less positive attitudes towards marriage, and more positive attitudes towards divorce. This negative attitude about marriage leads to decreased commitment to romantic relationships, which in turn is related to lower relationship quality” (21). The foundation of a relationship is trust, and it is obvious that if these people cannot sustain a healthy relationship, the trust is simply not there. When trust is not strong in a relationship, both sides of the relationships are uncomfortable, constantly. The marks that are left from an unhealthy home last forever because no matter how hard someone tries to fight it, their base will always be an unstable one that taught bad…show more content…
Never stops with due dates. Never stops with bills. Never stops with disappointments. Pain is constantly brewing in our lives, whether it be losing a friend, anxiety or constant stress that life delivers. One cannot continue to deal with this. People need a way out of all this, and that way out is home: “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” (Angelou). People need a safe place where they can relax, shut their brain off, and ignore all of the outside problems that they are surrounded with and attacked with every single day. Home brings this comfort, safe zone, and allows one to just take a deep breathe. The song “Noise” by Kenny Chesney resembles this feeling of constant distraction in our daily lives, the kind that we cannot get away from: “We can 't sleep, we can 't think, can 't escape the noise, we can 't take the noise, so we just

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