Why Baseball Is Important To Me Essay

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Texas baseball can be very exciting, especially as a high school junior fighting for a starting spot. Working on getting in shape, mastering the basics of the game, and then making it routine. It all felt so right, as if I was destined to have a good year, except my future beheld failure. It was this failure that would make me a better player in the near future. I believed that I worked hard; giving multiple hours a day to the game I love. I would train hard, and never skip any workouts that could make me a better ballplayer. Playing baseball is everything to me, and I was a better than average player. It started with a coach that wasn’t legitimate; he wasn’t there to live up to his full potential. He was there to coach his son and keep the nagging parents happy. Right from the first day on campus I knew this would be a problem, but I never suspected it to get this bad. I was playing well, the team was winning, and it felt as if we knew whom the starters were. I was playing a strong first base, and hitting with a respectable average. I knew that there was a returner that I would have to compete with, but I had been playing much better baseball. I was hitting one hundred points higher in batting average, and hadn’t made an error all year. It’s all about district play in high school, and the opener was getting…show more content…
I failed to be a starter, and that was clear to me. It was everything I worked for, all the work felt like it was for nothing. Instead of giving up, I decided to use this to fuel me into becoming an even better player. It helped me with being better with my attitude, work ethic, habits, and self-motivation. I couldn’t let this make me sad, I had to stay mentally tough, keep a positive attitude, if I wanted to succeed. Doing that made me much more confidant, which was a great place to start. I became more self motivated to work harder and be
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