Why Basketball Is Important To Me Essay

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“Would I ever be able to play in the NBA?” is the question I sometimes ask myself just to find a little bit of joy, to make myself laugh a little bit more and to make a dream more tangible. Yes, you are right, I love basketball, I love it so much that if it could have a life, it would know me better than I would, it would be my teacher and my best friend forever.

I remember the first time I played basketball. I was a fifth grader, exposed to an unfamiliar sport in a country where soccer takes over, but I fell in love with it, the moment I touched it, I knew it was special. I remember how I used to train as a kid : setting up flip flops as cones to do crossovers, shooting meant hitting the correct cracked spot on the wall and running ten laps of our front yard to strengthening myself. I remember how it brought me friends closer but at the same time, pushing them away. Basketball has taught me so many aspects of life that school wouldn’t teach.

I learned how to be a competitor, how
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I was the captain of my highschool basketball team. I tried to be the best at my position, the most efficient player on the court but up to a point, I realized that being a leader does not only mean you are the best. Being a leader means being someone’s back when they need a place to put faith on, being someone’s source of encouragement when they are at their downfall and to be the cold-headed guy when others get tensed. A very crucial part that I found out while being a leader is the ability to use your resources. My team is not a composition of best players in the city, in fact, we were the underdogs, some are good at this aspect while some are not. I managed to help them to be better at their own skills by self-improving that feature so that I could solely making them play harder when they were against me. Temperament is a feature I find indispensable in a good leader. It is right to push everyone and make them do their best but everything has a
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