Why Beowulf Is An Epic Hero

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Beowulf is characterized as an epic hero because of his glorious legacy. This epic hero was in constant danger from evil but always defeated it. He also had a moral code that separated him from mere mortals. The epic hero portrayed many traits that made him great. Although he died in battle, Beowulf’s leadership, bravery, and sense of morality made him an epic hero among men.
Beowulf was a great leader and he was well respected by his warriors and his people. The men that followed Beowulf into Herot were prepared to die for their leader and one did suffer this fate. Janoski proclaimed in her article “Why Beowulf is an Epic Hero”,” Beowulf becomes King of the Geats and is responsible for guiding his kingdom. During his 50-year rule, the kingdom is attacked by a
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The keeper of the mead
Came carrying out the carved flasks,
And poured that bright sweetness. A poet
Sang; from time to time, in a clear
Pure voice. Danes and visiting Geats
Celebrated as one, drank and rejoiced.”
Beowulf also portrayed an epic hero in his trait of bravery. Janoski wrote “Anglo-Saxon epic heroes are willing to put their own lives in danger for the greater good.” Gilchrist-Brodeur proclaimed in his book The Art of Beowulf that “The three great events of the main plot-- the killing of Grendel, the victory over Grendel’s dam, and the fight with the dragon-- display striking structural similarities…in each, the hero, after a hard and dangerous struggle, slays his foe.” Although he was greatly vulnerable in his battle with the dragon, Beowulf was still brave enough to defeat the dragon before it took more lives. “The Geats’ Great prince stood firm, unmoving, prepared Behind his high shield, waiting in his shining
Armor. The monster came quickly toward him,
Pouring out fire and smoke, hurrying
To its fate. Flames beat at the iron
Shield, and for a time it held,
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