Why Big Companies Fail Essay

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03. Why do big companies still fail in their use of information technology? What should they be doing differently?
In big companies it is hard to keep records, data and difficult to communicate inter department vise. Information Technology is help to do these activities if it is use in effective or systematic way. There are main 5 reasons to fail use of information technology in big companies.
Lack of user input
Input should be accurate and uniform in order to take accurate output. But there is no enough users input to use because most of employees are not aware about the IT practices. So it is hard to change the manual system in to Computer system. Along with all these, Cost factor at the establishment as well controls the companies to implement IT in their business. If any company fails to manage the information technology they will lose the competitive advantage and also the convenience and accuracy of doing work. Therefore they should increase the user involvement on IT.
Incomplete requirements and specifications
The other reason for fail companies in using IT is incomplete requirements
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Therefore, the manager, who is responsible for the management of the information in an effective and efficient way, should have clear understanding about the management of information systems. The information should be always managed with care in accordance to the social norms and ethical values of the society as it can have an immense effect on the company’s reputation, employee performance, and productivity and to the society as a whole. Thus, the information systems have to be used in a proper way in order to benefit the society while achieving organizational goals and
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