Why Bleeding Kansas

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The Civil War was a war that took place in America with the North (the Union) vs the South (Confederate).. The war lasted four long years- from April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865. The Civil War was caused because of mainly two reasons. One of the two main reasons is that slavery was happening in the United States and the second reason is that the states rights were violated. The war actually started because of a fort called Fort Sumter. It was one of the Unions forts and they had people there. The people were starving and hungry so Abraham Lincoln sent down a barge. The barge was filled with food and other supplies. Sadly, the Confederates thought that the Union was trying to attack them even though that wasn’t the case. The Confederates then attacked the fort and the ship, which killed many people. Of course the Union didn’t like having their people…show more content…
One place that they went to was Pottawatomie creek and caused the Pottawatomie Massacre. The Pottawatomie Massacre was the event of five men being killed by the anti slavery group. The reason why Bleeding Kansas is so significant to the Civil War and to United States history is because it further caused an even bigger split between the citizens of the United States. Bleeding Kansas also caused more tension between the people in the North and the South. Also this event can show that when people have two completely opposite opinions on something as extreme as slavery, it can cause something bad to happen. My model will show the Pottawatomie Massacre. I will have a few houses made with popsicle sticks and they will be painted. John Brown and his men will be at the houses that I made, and they will be slaughtering the people. I will make John Brown’s group and the other people out of toy soldiers and and paint. The land will have a small river beside it with few
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