Persuasive Essay On Why Books Should Not Be Banned

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Just because some people disagree with some books, does not mean others should not be allowed to enjoy them. Books should not be banned because it closes doors for information that mature people should be able to read. Another reason books should not be banned is that it deprives people of learning experiences that they may encounter soon. Books should not be banned also because some of the books are excellent for history, or learning experiences. Books should not be able to be banned because it closes the door for great lessons and deprives people of learning about the world around them.
Books should not be banned because it deprives mature readers of information they might need to know about. Arizona State University says that we need to
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“Books are a part of passing on stories from generation to generation. How would any Christian know about how Jesus died for the sins of others if there hadn’t been a book about it? Books bring our most cherished values because it had to be learned from somewhere.” (“Books Shouldn't Be Banned For Racism Or Racial Slurs”) This quote is very important because it shows how people can gather information from books and how the situations from books can spread. If the Bible was banned from all libraries, then some might not get to know about the situations faced in the Bible, and how Jesus died for our sins. “We want kids to read about these adult situations before they face them in person.” (“Arizona State University”). The quote means that people need to know how to face problems that they might come across in the future. For example, this quote is important because people need to read about or know about situations before they encounter them. In conclusion, people need to face and know about other situations before they face them in reality. It might be helpful for them when they encounter them later on.
Books should definitely not be banned because it closes many doors for useful information, helpful encounters, and gaining maturity from books. In conclusion, books close doors for information. Banning books also remove
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