Bruno Is Brave Analysis

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Bruno is Brave Bruno can be considered brave for many reasons. For me, he is brave not because he is innocent, but he is the kind of kids that want to know everything. Bruno knows some of the actions that can caused himself a problem, but he is still doing it. We all know that the story is during the time of The Holocaust. Bruno’s father is one of the Nazi’s commander and close with “The Fury” which is Adolf Hitler, the man who started the whole holocaust things. Bruno does not know that the holocaust is happening around him. That is why he always confused on who are the people that wearing the striped pyjamas. Nobody has ever tell Bruno anything about the holocaust and nobody wants to. So we can say that he has not been exposed to any…show more content…
He wants to spend the remaining time to be with Shmuel and also planning to tell Shmuel that He is leaving soon. Before he gets the chance, Shmuel looks so unhappy. Turns out that his father is lost. Shmuel is confused, what to do. Bruno says that the next morning he will come and disguise as one of the boys in the striped pyjamas to help looking for Shmuel’s father. Shmuel is delighted with that idea. Before the next morning, they both cannot wait for what they are about to do. This is one of the most brave actions Bruno does. He has no idea what is actually going on behind the fence and what might be the consequences, but despite all the risks, he is still doing it. During the search, Bruno and Shmuel is forced to get inside a mysterious room, which I believe is a gas chamber. when it’s happening, Many people are panic and that scares Shmuel. Bruno holds Shmuel’s hand and try to calm him down. Bruno assures Shmuel that they are best friends for life. For a kid, it is very wise what Bruno is doing to calm Shmuel, even though many adults look more panic than him. Even though he is still innocent, he is brave. He does things that other kids won’t do. He curious about many things around him. So that’s all the evidences of Bruno’s
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