Why Bullying Is Bad

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If you are getting bullied don’t worry you pretty little mind people throw rocks at things that shine. Bullying is a terrible thing in the world. According to, there is over 4,000 deaths per year from bullying, and over 14 percent of high school students consider suicide. Girls from ages 10 to 14 are usually at a higher risk of bullying. Also, did you know that girls are most likely to be bullied than boys? The reason most people are bullied Bulling is worse than a bystander because, they can cause someone to harm themselves, bullies can suffer with a tremendous amount of guilt, and bullies can lose trust in friends and family. To begin with, bullies can cause people to harm themselves. According to "," on average there are 121 suicides per day, and 44,193 suicides per year. A couple of ways people harm themselves from bullying is they can…show more content…
According to, you may not know it but bullies truly do feel bad for themselves, for example when a bully looks in a mirror. They will feel sham and humiliation when others see how the bully acts. Also if the person the bully is bulling harms themselves the bully can feel guilty about it. Also, from all of the guilt the bully can have depression. Haters don’t hate you they hate themselves. Also, there are many different types of bullying. According to there is cyber bullying, which takes place on line for examples like on social, media texting, and email. Also according to there is physical bullying which kicking, tripping, punching etc..... Also, there is verbal bullying which is insulting, racist, so mostly teasing. There is also is social bullying that is where the bullying talks about the victim behind there back. Those are the main thing that bullies do. "You will never reach the higher ground if you are always pushing others down,"-Jeffery
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