Why Bullying Should Not Be Criminalized Essay

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Bullying is something that some kids and teens can’t avoid. It has led to suicides and school shooting. Lots of parents want bullying to be illegal because it has hurt their children. Other parents say that bullying shouldn’t be illegal because it’ll add to the problem. Bullies actions are heavily influenced by the guardians of that person. Bullies should not be criminalized because Freedom of Speech supports the actions of bullying. People may say that bullying has ruined teens lives, but according to the law bullies aren’t criminals. To begin with, bullies aren’t criminals because they are influenced by actions of adults. All children are influenced by the actions of their parents and people that are older than them. If a child sees his…show more content…
Freedom of speech is something every human is supposed to have and we shouldn’t try to take that away from kids and teens. “Bullying Is Bad, But Criminalizing Bullying Would Be Even Worse” talks about how our freedom will be blocked if bullying would be criminalized. The text states “The impulse is to hold someone criminally accountable when a tragedy occurs but this reaction could have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and further clog our criminal justice system”. Bullying is considered a freedom that all people have. You have the right to say whatever you want to someone and you shouldn’t be punished for expressing yourself. “Make bullying punishable by law” talks about cases in where bullying has reached so far that it isn’t considered bullying and considered actual felonies. The text states “a girl from Florida, also 15, who had been beaten so badly that she had to be put in a drug-induced coma”. This case isn’t considered bullying, it is considered battery/assault which you can be legally charged with. Bullying is the action of speaking bad towards someone but not beating them. Freedom of Speech is freedom that we should all have and keep, making bullying punishable would destroy this
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