Argumentative Essay On Athletes

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Paxtin Nichols Argumentative paper Hello my names paxtin as you should know by the title. That 's not the point though, the point is that my Life science peers and I are having a big debate on you athletes out their. Yea I know what you 're thinking why us? Well the truth is because we don’t know if you guys are made or born. Some people think you guys are born and others think you guys are made. So I’m gonna leave you with this question then? If athletes were born then why do coaches give everybody a chance. Why would they just chose the best people?? So like I said some people are thinking they are born and I’m not saying their wrong. I just want to help support them even though that is not my intention as this writer. So now that we are talking the born part why do you think this is? In article we read it says that we have this one gene that is called the performance gene and people who are born with this gene are able to play sports. This does not mean that just because you have this gene you are the best because if we don’t put that gene to work then it’s basically useless. Everybody is made different and everybody 's brain are wired differently and some peoples brains are wired to be really good at sports and pick up thing easier.…show more content…
How they can fly high. They talked about how gymnasts have to be able to rely on their bodys. Why? Well because gymnasts can sense what around them with their bodys. They call this whole process proprioception. In another article called “Are athletes born not made?”. THey talk about a baseball player and how a baseball player can hit a 100 mph ball because they are using their brains to know and predict what 's gonna happen. They know what 's gonna happend because they focus on the pitcher and his body cues, and his flick. Now I know that their is a lot more facts I could give you about them but we have to get to the other side of the
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