Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Schools?

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Have you ever wondered why your students stare down and start laughing at their laps? It’s because of cellphones. Cellphones are a big distraction now and mostly everyone has one. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they are distracting, can encourage cyberbullying, and can tempt students to cheat. Using cellphones in school can be distracting. Do you want your kid or students to fail a test or get bad grades on an assignment because they were “ distracted”? Most kids spend a lot of time on their phones, some even spend a lot of the school day on their phones. The article cons of cell phones states,” according to a 2010 study from pew research center, 64% of students say they have texted in class and 25% have made or taken…show more content…
Sure you want your students to get an A on a test but not for the wrong reasons. If the school that you teach at doesn't have a phone ban anyone can just take out their phone and text their friend and sk for the answer on the test. Students can also just look it up on google or look at a screenshot that another student took. The article cons of cellphones in school states, “ Texts can be sent quite discreetly while in the classroom. Taking it one step further, a student can excuse himself to go to the washroom, only to use that time to send text messages about important questions.It's also important to bear in mind that cell phones are advancing and improving faster than ever. Smartphones can surf the web, providing high-tech ways for students to look for test answers online. Some models have advanced calculators, and depending on the software, may even be able to run custom applications that can contribute to academic dishonesty.” ( ). This shows that students can just go to the bathroom or sit in the classroom and look stuff up or text someone in the middle of clas and claim it as their own work. Of course phones can be used for important things like in extreme cases, if there was a fire or intruder and even when they forgot their homework or something, but phones can be distracting and potentially harmful. In conclusion cellphones are easy to use to cheat and can help students
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