Why Are Celebrities Overpaid

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Oprah, Lionel Messi, JK Rowling, Celine Dion; Names of ordinary people who just got luckier than the rest of us. Names of ordinary people who we just happen to love, laugh with, and sing along to. We all love that rush we get when watching our favorite actor, football player, or band members on the big screen. The feeling never gets old. Most people believe that celebrities are overpaid. With all my respect to those people, I oppose their opinion. Many reasons such as the talent of these celebrities, the time they spend away from their family, and their hard work make me strongly believe that celebrities deserve the money they get. Celebrities happen to be born with a gift; A handful of talents sprinkled into their souls. Just like it’s acceptable for attorneys to use their clever minds to win cases then gain…show more content…
The intense hate, family strain, and hard work they have to go through is just as bad as the stress and hard work that others’ with different jobs deal with, maybe even worse. So why is it considered normal when those get huge amounts of money while celebrities can’t? Also, many of the celebrities are genuinely nice people who use their excess money to help those in need by donating to charities and raising awareness about them. So please, to those of you who give celebrities a hard time, or happen to send them hate, think of all the things they do to make those around them happy, and all the sacrifices they make in order to do that. We have never been placed in a situation like theirs’ and so our opinion will be biased, but we are all still humans and we know how feelings get easily affected. Celebrities already go through a lot and they would love the support, and whether you think they’re overpaid or not, we should remember that we’re all equal. Just because they happen to get more money doesn't mean they’re better, nor does it mean that they’re
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