Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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“Cell phones in class are dangerous, disruptive and not necessary” ~Survey Respondant As most people that hear about anything that goes on in schools probably know that students and even some teacher, believe that students should be allowed to have their phones in classroom. Well look at the reasons this might not be what benefits the student the most, and student getting the most out of their time in school is important. Also most parents and teacher wants their student to do the best they can in school. Most of teachers and parents didn’t ever even think of needing their phones if they even had on in class. Although some students and teachers think that cellphones should be allowed in class, they should not be. They should not be allowed…show more content…
Lots of people might look at 6%, and 14% as not being all that much, but if you think about it that might be the little bit a student needs to pass a class. Then that also might be helping a student that is already doing well get into a better college, cause the truth is that grades are more than likely the biggest factor to get into college. In the world we live in, it is almost mandatory to have a college degree to be successful That is why cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms during teaching time. Another reason is cyber
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