Why Cheating Is Wrong

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Cheating is Wrong "I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating." (Sophocles). Cheating has become an epidemic, and people have different opinions concerning it. Some consider it 's not terrible, everyone does it, and nothing will prevent it from happening. Although it isn 't, by any means, an honest way to accomplish something, but is commonly used to gain an advantage or improve one 's standing. There are several forms of cheating, and we 'll discuss three in this essay. Most people believe that cheating is wrong, placing their competitors at a disadvantage and ruining the competition 's purpose; it is never right to cheat, even if it would seemingly eliminate the problems and improve conditions involving the dilemma. Cheating on tests and plagiarizing is occasionally found in high schools, and would be a frequent occurring if all the cheaters were caught; it 's become a normal commodity for students who are no longer interested in obtaining sufficient grades by themselves, and would rather slack off, steal someone else 's work, and succeed that way. Not only does this apprehend their learning, it also appropriates a…show more content…
After reviewing these three forms of cheating, it is obvious that cheating is not only wrong, but harmful to everyone touched by its influence. Its ' grasp is poisonous and swift, carrying those who commit to it down, but snagging the ones who unknowingly stumbled into it down with them. Cheating can never be excused and measures should be taken to ensure its collapse; if people truly cared, then individuals would accept responsibility and take their own stand against it. Many argue that, due to certain circumstances, cheating may, in fact, help the situation out, but in reality it simply resolves the problem in a temporary standing, never really solving the issue at hand. Cheating is always wrong and, no matter what, shouldn 't be used to improve your standing, solve problems, or escape a situation that you set
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