Why Cheerleading Is Important To Me Essay

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Pom pom’s, short skirts, and lipstick. This is probably what first comes to your mind when you hear cheerleader. However, there is a lot more to cheerleading than that. Throughout these past four years Columbia athletics hasn't just taught me my physical strength, but also the values of commitment, hard work, dedication, leadership, and trust. These values have shaped me into the person I am today and I will continue to use these skills to guide me through my future life. My teammates and coaches have made a huge impact on me as well. They taught me that if we truly wanted something we can only achieve it by working together. Teamwork is key in a group sport. If you all aren't working together it will be nearly impossible to get the job done.…show more content…
One being, learning how to manage my time. There were weeks where we would have school all day, then practice till five, then a basketball game at six. It was extremely hard to study, cheer, work, and somehow have a social life. These situations helped me plan ahead to when I was going to finish homework or study for my upcoming tests. I will use this useful skill in college next year where i'll find myself always looking for time that I don't have. Another thing that Columbia athletics has taught me is to support each other no matter what. No matter the day,time, or weather there were always fans supporting our teams. The fans weren't just students either, there were school administrators, teachers, and alumni. Living in a small town has its pros and cons, however when it comes to supporting we are always on our A game. I will never forget my sectional competition this year mostly because of our fan section. We put out a terrible routine however you would've never guessed by our fans reactions. It was such an amazing feeling seeing our fans still go crazy and supporting us even at our worst. Columbia athletics has really made an impact on my life. Without sports, I would be a completely different person. Thanks to Columbia I have grown as an individual. The hard work, dedication, and motivation that I have learned these past four years will follow me all throughout my

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