Chemical Bond Research Paper

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Mariel Beauroyre 9-B A chemical bond is form with the joining of two or more atoms (when two atoms are joined they form molecules and compounds.) Which are being held together by the attraction (force attraction) of atoms through sharing as well as exchanging electrons. Chemical bonds are found in molecules, crystals, or in solid metals. They also organized the atoms in order structures. But why are they important you may ask? They’re important because every material or substance in the world depends on chemical bonds for it to be made. Chemical bonds are everywhere in our water, salt, air, plants, synthetic materials and many more. Take for example table salt. Salt is made out of sodium (Na) and of chlorine (Ci) NaCi. Sodium is a hard…show more content…
The transfer of electrons (either gain or lost) of this two elements produce CaCi . Which has several uses, highway maintenance when there is ice and snow, and even medicine for people with low levels of calcium in their blood. Covalent bond: (electrons shared between atoms) Covalent Bond in were one or more pairs of electrons are shared by two atoms. This type of bond occurs with non-metal atoms that share electrons. The only electrons involved are the ones found in the outer energy level of an atom. These electrons are also called valence electrons. The sharing of electrons occurs because the atom wants to have a full shell and become a stable atom. There are two types of covalent bonds: Polar Covalent: two atoms that have different electronegativity causing the separation of charges. Non-polar: when the two atoms have identical or similar electro negativities so the charges are distributed equally. A covalent compound: it is a molecule formed by covalent bonds in which atoms share one or more pairs of valence electrons. Properties of Covalent compounds: • Hard • Good insulators • Transparent • Poor conductors of heat and electricity (specially in water) • Tend to be gases, liquids or soft
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