Why Chess Should Be Considered A Sport

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When people say the word sport they think of : football, basketball, soccer,and baseball. Not everyone thinks that chess is a sport, but chess fits the requirements for a sport except it doesn 't have any physical exercise.Nevertheless chess should be considered a sport all around the world because it is competitive, it is played throughout the world, and finally it is Olympic recognized. Firstly ,Competitivity is a key component in all sports. Chess and competitive go hand in hand. Nigel Short is the grandmaster in chess which means he is one of the best chess players in the world. He once said, “Chess is ruthless, you 've got to be prepared to kill people.” As noted in the quote, sometimes people have to be ruthless to win a match. Even if it is a 5 year old child or a 60 year old…show more content…
IOC stands for the International Olympic Committee. They are basically a judge on what 's a sport or not. Chess was on trial to join the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 ,but it didn’t make the cut. It has it’s own Olympiad and its own day( October 8th) was the National Chess Day . People still don’t think chess is a sport, but in all sports you train somehow. No matter what sport athletes train for their sports. So does people who play chess they train for hours each day; also some people have chess coaches as well. All of these facts proven that chess is a sport and not a game. Thus in conclusion chess should be considered a sport, it is competitive, it is a global sport, and it is Olympic recognized. It is competitive because chess players have to ruthless and be ready to “kill . It is a global sport because about 9 % people play it. Finally it is IOC recognized. All of these facts should make chess a sport. As a famous Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov once said “Chess is everything: art, sport,

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