Essay On Why Children Shouldn T Be Tried As Adults

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Why children under 16 shouldn’t be tried as adults
We are in the 21st century now, I don’t think it’s very fair if children are charged as adults due to the fact that their brains aren’t very developed just yet. It’s shocking the amount of children behind bars for life, due to crimes they committed as children.

Children face more dangers in prison and it could affect there mentality long term if they are sent away to prison before their minds are fully developed. Children also have no sense of wrong or right, before their minds are completely developed they cannot be held accountable for their actions, while in prison they face the dangers of sexual assault, being beaten or even killed as they are younger and more frail than the other inmates may be, they could even end up joining a prison gang. Like the racist neo-Nazi white supremacists and other such groups. Which may end up warping the child’s mind for life.

Neuroscientists have proved that children are incapable of making the
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This often causes the boys to think that this is the correct way to act towards other people and to act out as they seen their fathers act this way and commit crime often leaving an image of a role model for the boys which is an incorrect image of what a man should be.
Children don’t belong in adult prisons as a lot of the inmates would cause trouble for them in the long term. It would also be unhealthy for a child to grow up in a prison as their minds would never fully develop out of the violent nature they have as children. They would grow up around criminals believing that being a criminal is the correct way to act inside and outside of prison. There is almost more of a chance for children to end up in a gang or becoming violent criminals outside of jail. They may wind up becoming part of a gang in prison which could cause them to be an even worse person outside of
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