Why Children Should Stay In A Nursery Setting Essay

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From birth a baby is reliant on their key carer to cater for all of their individual needs. It is important that a child receives the appropriate amount of rest and sleep as this allows them to re-energise whilst their brain activity is altering and their body is producing hormones to help them grow. If a child lacks sleep then they may be agitated, cuddly, crying, rubbing eyes or having tantrums. In a nursery the sleep and rest policy must be abided by. This states that the all children must lie on their back whilst sleeping, there must be no cot bumpers, the child must be placed in feet to foot position in a well-ventilated room, there should be no toys and the child must be checked at least every ten minutes. All children need to have fresh air every day, as it makes them both physically and mentally healthier as well as providing them with vitamin d and interaction with more people. In a nursery a practitioner may do various activities to ensure that the children get some fresh air, including: going to the park, having a picnic and chasing bubbles outside. However, they should ensure that all the children are fully hydrated, are wearing sun cream and don’t go out at peak time. In a nursery setting it is…show more content…
Practitioners should make it a fun skill so that it soon becomes a routine task. Moreover, after eating, a practitioner should wash a young child’s face with a clean cloth and dry it with a soft towel. Even though a child won’t be bathed at nursery, the child’s key carer should support the family and offer advice. It is also important that children are protected from the sun. Children should not be taken out during peak time, but when they are taken out the practitioner should ensure that sunhats are worn, sun cream is put on all exposed areas and sunshades are put on
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