Why Children's Development May Not Follow The Expected Pattern Essay

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Explain the reasons why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected pattern: The reasons why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected patters is due to them maybe having a disability, emotional influences, physical influences, environmental influences, cultural influences, social influences, learning needs and communication skills. Children with disabilities require a lot more support than those without a disability in order to help them develop their skills and become more independent. Disabilities can affect more than one area of a child’s development depending on what disability they have and what support is available in order to help improve the child’s needs etc. Emotionally children are affected due to them maybe having signs of depression where they are quiet than the rest of the children and they shy away from joining in with different activities and getting involved with other children. Children who are emotionally affected may also have low confidence and find it hard to build friendships with other children, it is important that we make children feel welcome and encourage them to join in with other when doing activities so…show more content…
By helping children gain the ability to use language they can help children gain confidence and self-esteem I have seen this in my setting with children who have had communication and language needs. These children have gained confidence and their language is now at a level that they can interact with other children and not show frustration. This is because they can now express themselves. The Senco in an educational setting give support to children and families with special needs this person/s is also responsible for identification of special
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