Why Chinese Mothers Are Su Perior Analysis

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“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”

Parenting is an eternal and debatable topic seeing that everybody has their own opin-ion on how their child should be raised. In the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Su-perior” Amy Chua explains how she thinks children should be brought up and speaks well of the Chinese methods. She is convinced that if you provide a harsh setting for your child, he or she will end up being a successful, independent and in particular confidant human being. Nevertheless, Amy finds it difficult to live in a country where people find her methods to strict and this especially ends out in conflicts with her husband. Amy has a credible ethos, as she writes in an intellectual and quite academic way. Her ethos is also strengthened by the fact that she is a professor in Yale University. This information is given in start of the article, so through out the whole article we are more prone to believe her. Besides Amy’s professions we are also presented to a very distinct character. Amy is not scared of presenting herself as being a very strict and harsh mother, although she knows that people will feel provoked and disagree with her way of bringing up her kids. Throughout the article, she uses several personal ex-periences that support this assertion and this also appeals to her ethos, as she builds up an image of being reliable and an authority within this case. Amy also turns on her good qualities by trying to appear as a moral person, who only wishes

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