Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Child upbringing has always been a topic of conflict. Especially in the late-modern society where terms such as ‘curling children’ and ‘helicopter parents’ are often used in the media, to describe overly spoiled children and parents who are overly protective towards their children. There are loads of discussions about if one should hover over their children to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing while having gotten too soft when it comes to standing one’s ground regarding possible consequences, or if children should have a stricter upbringing with less say in any matter.
Chinese Amy Chua, who is resided in America where she is a professor at Yale Law School, discusses this subject in her article “Why
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Which supports her argument later on that nothing is fun until you are good at it. In her article she states, “Chinese parents can get away with things Western parents can’t” –because of the stereotypes regarding child upbringing, Chinese parents have got a bigger room for raising their children as they see fit without being judged she writes that Chinese parents can tell their children that they need to lose some weight if they see fit, but Western parents have to tip-toe around the subject to prevent their child getting a negative self-image. But in her opinion it does not do the children any good to treat the subject ‘health’ as a taboo, because they still end up in therapy for eating disorders…show more content…
But the possible consequences of adapting a Chinese upbringing is that the children will become overachievers, and that they will grow up with the mind-set that nothing is ever good enough. Amy Chua mentioned some of the things her daughters were never allowed to do which were things such as having a play-date, attending a sleepover, choosing their own extracurricular activities and get any grade less than an A. The first three things are all something that shapes a person. Having play-dates and attending sleepovers credits one with skills needed socially. Not being able to choose their own extracurricular can end up in resentment towards the parents because one’s individual growth mentally is being hindered. Chua ends of with writing that “Western parents try to respect their children’s individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment.” Whereas the Chinese believe that “the best way to protect their children is by preparing them for the future, letting them see what they’re capable of, and arming them with skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away” -But in the end all parents really do want to accomplish, is the happiness, safety and health of their children whatever way they may see fit. Western upbringing or
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