Why Chinese People Get Angry Essay

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Why do Chinese People get Angry so Easily?
Shouting and blaring the car horns when being stuck in bad traffic, beat the ones who has the criminal suspicions before identify the essence of the crime, abusing strangers in social media...Chinese people keeps leaving an impression of bad temper towards the society. However, it’s noteworthy that Confucian culture, which occupies the leading position in constructing traditional Chinese mortal standards, consistently advocates “Harmony is precious”. What happened during those years resulted in Chinese people’s irritability? Looking back at history and revealing the present condition, the traditional Chinese culture orientation, the great living pressure and the general injustices can make explanations
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Recently, two men on a coast in Dalian were greatly beaten, for they hugged a child without the parents’ permission and were misunderstood as human traffickers by the tourists. The reason why the crowd was so easily supercharged by angers is the number of child abductions in China keeps rising; lack of a systematic children lost and found system like “Amber system” in America, the government’s weak attention on this issue creates convenient for the child abductions. Salary default is another typical case, labor unions play little role in helping the workers, while the services provide by NGOs are always be defined as illegal; Zeng Feiyang, the famous social worker who help the workers in Foshan to take back their salary, was arrested for the theft of disturbing public order; as a result, workers are powerless to get fairly treated. The same is any kinds of injustices in China. Ultimately, fail to get fairly treat and there are no one that people can seek help for, public distrust in government is formed; when possible crime or injustices take place, Chinese people become irritable to protect their common rights; when they fail, there’re nothing they can do except being
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