Why Christians Should Read Old Testament

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April Glisson
Old Testament
Section 14
Kim Devore
November 29, 2015

Why Should We Read The Old Testament? There are many reasons why we should read the Old Testament and one reason is that it establishes a base for the events and lessons found in the New Testament. Also, the Bible shares how God did not fully demonstrate legal or theological and other knowledge to humanity at the start. Relatively, God slowly exposed the truths over a long period of time, leading humanity to be able to understand the information much easier. Skimming through the first half of a book and trying to finish it will make it tougher to understand specific characters, settings/locations, covenants, and promises. The Old Testament has a strong foundation of explaining the characters, settings, covenants, and promises. This is how we can fully comprehend what is going on in the New Testament. Christians should read the Old Testament because it how it sets the foundation for the teachings created in the New Testament, it teaches about God 's characteristics and how He works in the lives of all people, and because
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Throughout the New and Old Testament, scriptures taught how the characteristics of God stayed consistent. The characteristics that he has shown are love and compassion from Genesis to Revelation. Both Old and New Testament expose the wrath of God. Also, it exposed God’s rage and retribution. Similarly, both of the Old and New Testaments have numerous references on a caring Father who gives grace and mercy to his hurtful enemies. It also shows how God finds sinning to be distasteful but is prepared to show His rage towards his foes. Both the New and Old Testament reveal and represent both sides of God’s characteristics. Without reading the Old Testament, people will never fully understand God’s character and his
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