Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Why Collegiate Athletes Should Not Be Paid Annually the NCAA as a whole brings in approximately six billion dollars, yet the people generating the income are not making a dime? In the United States collegiate sporting events are a massive industry but the players do not receive an income because they are technically amateurs. Is it time to start paying college athletes? Or should players continue to be rewarded in free education? Many believe it is absurd to still consider the NCAA amateur sports after all it has become but just as many think the exact opposite and that college athletes already receive fair compensation for their participation. This is a big decision that could impact the lives of thousands nationwide and revolutionize sports as we know it. College athletes should not be paid because of the many benefits that come with being a student athlete and because it is not a realistic resolution. One reason college athletes should not be paid is because of the many benefits there already are to playing a collegiate sport. One being reduced or free admission also known as a scholarship. As the athletes receiving scholarships have a full ride through college their payment is in the form of education benefits as opposed to direct compensation. As the majority of Division I and II schools are higher scale colleges in general this compensation can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year ( So in a way college athletes are being paid. They will not have to carry the burden of paying off student…show more content…
People who say they should be paid are wrong because players would no longer be playing with the same passion and drive they possessed as kids, just a monthly paycheck. Finally if collegiate athletes were paid the NCAA would be no different from their professional
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