Why College Education Is Important To You Essay

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As a young adult, I get asked this question quite often, “why is your college education so important to you?”. Throughout the years I have explained it differently each time as I have matured as an adult. There are probably a million reasons why college education is imperative, but I will narrow it down to the top three most important reasons why college is so important to me. The number one reason my college education is so necessary to me is because I am blessed with the opportunity to be a role model for my child. Another reason why college education is important to me is because it opens a whole new world of opportunities and experiences in life, I want to leave myself with many options when it comes to life choices. Accordingly, knowledge is highly important to me and getting a college education is an excellent place to start to obtain the knowledge of the world. Being a role model to a young child is undoubtedly a full-time job. My son looks up to me and I want to make him proud in everything that I do. I want him to look at me and say “if my mom can do it, so can I!” My son has always been my number one motivator in everything in life, including college. I want to be able to give him the life that he deserves. I don’t want to struggle financially. I want to have a career that I can be proud of. All that is …show more content…

There are countless reasons why having a college education is so imperative. Being a single mom and role model to my son, the possible opportunities and experiences, and simply the knowledge of having a college education are my top three reasons for continuing my education. Being able to support my son and myself and having a stable career is the long-term goal of my college education. The possible opportunities and experiences that come with having a college education will be my reward for working so hard. Finally, the knowledge I will obtain through my college education is the key to everything in my

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