Why College Is Important Essay

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Why college is beneficial If you or one of your family members has to go to the hospital, don’t you want to be able to pay for everything they need while they are there and to be able to pay the bill? Well if you have a college degree you would be able to, and you wouldn 't go into debt with the hospital. With a college education you make more money, you will be more successful, have a nicer life and nicer things. To begin with, a college degree can guarantee to make you more money. College graduates earn an average of 22,000 more per year (“5 ways ed pays”). Who wouldn 't want an extra 22,000 every year? That extra 22,000 could be a nicer house and nicer clothes. You could get a car with 22,000. You could get a new car every year if you wanted!!! If you wanted to continue further “a bachelor 's degree earns 415 dollars more per week then someone with a high school diploma.” (new school year , old story: education pays) That could mean eating out at a nice restaurant once a week and it not affecting your normal spendings each week. Or being able to just go to a concert one month without having to save for it. Also, if you want to be successful in life you should attend college. If you go to college then it will be easy to become successful in life. “The basic skills…show more content…
Lastly, a more stable way of living comes with being successful. With a college degree and a good paying job, you can own your own house and never miss a car payment. You would be able to take vacations to amazing far away places, be able to buy your dream car or create your own house from scratch. “You can not drop out of school and just drop into a good job. You’ve got to train for it work for it and learn for it.” (obama 67-71) Almost everyone in the world worries and stressing about money, some are really struggling. You don 't want to be struggling at the end of the month when all your bills are due and you barely have enough or maybe you don 't have enough and you have to give
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