Why College Is Important To Me Essay

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As long as I can remember, I knew that college was going to be part of my future. That is because I always knew what my family expected out of me. College is not only important to me for the reason of making my parents proud, but for making sure that I create more out of myself, as well. With a higher education, I will have more job opportunities available, potentially be able to earn higher income, and obtain more useful life skills than somebody who does not have a college education. To begin, having a college education under my belt is important to me because I will have more opportunities for a job, after I complete my four years. Since my desired major is in the medical field, Radiology, which is a practice that will continue to be used in the future, I’m confident in obtaining a job in that field of study when I graduate from college. With more jobs available for me, I will have the chance to choose which one that will benefit me most in the long run. I will be able to determine where I would like to live and work due to the demand of my career choices. Being a college graduate will help seeking employment less burdensome, due to the number of jobs available to me. In addition to the many opportunities of having a college degree, I will more than likely have a higher amount of income…show more content…
I plan to master the skill of budgeting. Tuition, books, housing, utilities, and food is a very costly aspect of college life. Being able to master a budget throughout my college years is a skill that I will be able to use throughout life. Independence is also a skill that I plan to gain. While living on campus, I will be away from my home and family, which will force me to find out things on my own. I will also improve the skills I already have, which consist of the ability of working well with others, organization, and the act of

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