Why College Is Not Worth It Essay

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Our whole lives our parents told us that we need to go to college to be successful. They told us that college would insure us a great life, but for many, that isn’t the case. Many students go to college hoping to get a degree, but many drop out due to insufficient funds. While for some, college might be the right choice, that doesn’t mean that college is for all of us. One of the reasons i believe that college isn’t worth it is because of student loans and debt. Between 2003 and 2012 the number of 25 year olds with student debt increased from 25% to 43% and their average loan balance was 20,326. While some thrive in college, some fail due to stress to succeed while trying to figure out how to pay for their college education. Student debt has surpassed the trillion dollar line and more than 850,000 student loans were in default.…show more content…
There are so many people who have made millions and that are so happy with their lives. Some examples of successful people who didn’t go to college are Michael Dell, who founded Dell, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg. All of these people, who are wildly successful dropped out or did not go to college at all. Lastly the reason I think college isn’t worth it is that college does not insure a job. Some think that going to college is going to insure you a job but that isn’t always the case. In 2011 50% of college graduates under 25 had no job or a part time job. Many students also graduate with little knowledge of math, reading, civics, or economics. 30% of graduates felt that college did not prepare them for employment, specifically in technical
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