Persuasive Essay On College Is Right For Everyone

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Ashley Gay English 112-4244 Mr. Neagle 2/22/18 College is Right for Everyone When you were in high school, did your parents ever tell you that college was the best way to go? I am sure they gave you reasons why they thought that was true and maybe you didn’t agree with them. However, they are right, it is the best option after high school. Yes, college has its obstacles such as debt, family issues and stress but it is worth dealing with those obstacles in order to get the results you desire. If we accept college graduates having higher pay over time, being prepared for the career of their choice, opportunities for promotions and more job advantages then we should accept that college is the best option in order to reach the highest level possible in our career. Having a degree is more beneficial than trying to receive higher pay over time without one. According to Eleni Karageorge, who wrote an article titled “Is a college degree still worth it?”, having a college degree allows you to reach the…show more content…
One example of the disadvantages of attending college are most students end up in debt because of the school fees. Most college student struggle to pay the fees of college because they don’t have the money or maybe they are paying for it by themselves. Another example is attending college can bring on stress, anxiety and pressure especially to new students attending college. Attending college causes students stress, anxiety, and pressure to do well and complete the given work. Another factor of attending college is struggling with weight whether it be gaining it or losing it. Struggling with weight when attending college connects back to the anxiety, stress and pressure. Also, when attending college students get busy with assignments, studying or trying to take a break from all the work that is given to them. These are just some of the disadvantages that keep students from attending
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