Why College Is Very Much Worth It Essay

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For some people with a high school education is just enough for them. They don't want to go through the struggle of college. Some go to college when they're older, others go to their career right after high school. College is valuable for everyone and it is a very important part of your education. With college you don't just study for a career, you study for something that you would like to do for your life. You don't have to know right away, but don't miss out on the value that college can bring you. In the article "Actually, College Is Very Much Worth It" by Andrew J. Rotherham, the author states,"College graduates are also more likely to be in jobs with better benefits, further widening the divide" (Rotherham 80). Having a better job and a better salary is good in many ways as to being able to pay for more like a car, house, and maybe kids. Money is a struggle for a lot of people and if you go to college you get an advantage to getting more money. It's not just money, but also having that experience. In the article "Why college…show more content…
Many choose to get into a college a easier way by getting a scholarship to pay less. There are many ways to get a scholarship like a sports scholarship, or a scholarship for being good in academics. Some get loans, but then later have to pay them back, which is more harder for people. In the article "What Makes College a Good Value?" by Jeremy Alder the author states,"Part of the quandary for many is that according to statistics, higher education leads to far greater earning opportunities" ( Alder, 1). College is a higher education that people take to be more successful in life and it is very important to many people as to getting a career and better job with more
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