Why College Is Worth Going To College Essay

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College. Years to remember or years to forget. Either way college is a way to find the life that a person can set for or can’t. Like, poverty for a college graduate will be less likely for a person who is only a highschool graduate. People with a college diploma are likely to be more productive in society. College gives students a glimpse of careers to seek. College is worth going to because there is diversity, a social life, and careers.
The first reason college is worth going to is because of diversity. For starters, some people might think diversity is not that important, but it is important because it expands how people think and perspectives (“Is a College Education Worth it?”). For example, different cultures show differences of how people work in different standards. To follow, studying abroad “can broaden your cultural, intellectual, career, and personal horizons (Bellenir 107)”. For instance, students going abroad can learn about the two countries connection. To conclude, being in a diverse atmosphere gives great friendships and soulmates (“Is a College Education Worth it?”). Specifically, people 's personal life with others are more board. Diversity is very important. It doesn’t have to be the same race it can be a different country. As a college student it is good to have a open mind.
The second reason why college is worth it is because of the social life. To begin, some people believe that having a social life isn’t everything that most people are anti-social

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