Why College Isn T For Everyone Essay

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College educations in America are simply not needed. In the US, people everywhere are going homeless because of the student loan debts that they have because the population cannot create enough well-paying jobs. A college education isn’t as valuable as society says it is. When high school seniors choose to not go to college, it frees up so many jobs for people that have college degrees. For example, when a senior in high school goes to college, that can wreck another person’s dream of becoming an accountant, for instance. When that one person doesn’t go to college, they will get an entry level job that can give them valuable skills to take into life. The non-graduates of college will learn important people skills that will guide them if they would want to go get a more advanced job. A lot of these skills, people learn in college. Because of that, people can get these skills for almost free. Lastly, the skills are lessons that people learn from parents and other parent figures in life. Another reason that college educations are not needed is that the student debt that college students get far outweighs the potential salary of college graduates. According to the article, “Why College Isn’t for Everyone”, the author states, “others …show more content…

In answer to that, even though you can make $17,000 to $22,000 more, there is no guarantee that the graduate will make that much more money. Another thing is that there is a better chance of being able to do what the student wants for a living, but again, there is no guarantee of that happening. It is possible that the college graduate will never find a job because there are too many college graduates, and they will go homeless because of the debt from college. Lastly, the person can have freedom in college, but there is freedom in other places where it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars per

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