Why College Should Be Free

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College should be free in the United States “Education should be a right, not a privilege. We need a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education” (Senator Bernie Sanders). Colleges should be free for everyone in the United States because college education is very essential in our country. In Fact, all people deserve to attend free college because we need those brilliant brains that contribute the new ideas and new invention for the better future of this country. First, free college tuition would encourage more students to attend college and they would be able to pay more focus on graduation instead of always thinking about where to get money in order to be in next semester. “Free…show more content…
Many students can not really give enough time in a college because they have to rely on their jobs. If public colleges are free, people would stop worrying about the tution. There will be no boundaries for education. Everyone could get higher education which leads to many higher earning. “More people will be well educated and have better critical skills” (Anderson Ellen). If U.S government provide the college tuition and funds than it will help students to concentrate on their studies they will always put some extra effort to make their year successful in college. They will be willing to get best education that help them to contribute as much as they can in this country. “There will be more change in all over the country” (Anderson Ellen). Free colleges are the perfect way to raise the rate of graduation in the United States. Next, I believe free college will prevent young generation from students loan debt. According to Student Loan Hero, “There are an estimated 1.45 trillion
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