Why College Students Need To Go To College

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Waiting to go to college is a responsible choice that is often discouraged. That is because parents who haven’t been to college do not know what the deal is. They don’t know that students have got to want to go to college to be able to succeed. Another reason why is because most students don’t know what they want to be or do in college. Also, numerous parents know how it feels not to complete college, so they encourage or almost force their students to go to college soon after high school. Ask yourself this first, do you really want to go to college? Is this decision voluntary or forced? Motivation is the key to achieve anything. To get through college, it's an obligation to be motivated to do your work to graduate. A great deal of students do not have the motivation to go to college right after high school. The reason for that is because a great deal of high school students are ready to graduate and be done with school, forever. Students often would like to experience other things than school. College is a massive financial commitment for a post high school graduate. High school seniors may want to wait to save some cash for college. Maybe they want to experience life, as an adult. A lot of us aren't ready to take on that kind of commitment. We…show more content…
The upsides are that you will be able to experience and understand what adult life is about before you start college. You'll be more responsible. Living on your own for a while will teach you responsibility and self-discipline. You will be driven to work for everything you want or need, therefore you will value it more. You will feel the struggle so you will then want to go to college. The downsides are that you some students won’t react the same way. They will experience the adult life, love their freedom, and never want to go back to the stress of doing work and studying. Students often wait too long then waste that time and fall further behind their
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