Why Colonialism Is Bad Essay

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Colonialism has been part of our sacred history since the beginning of the century and has stretched over the globe ever since. Most of the underdeveloped countries we see today has been somehow colonized by a European country, making them oppressed in a way that innocent lives are taken away forcefully. Comparatively, colonialism is a form of oppression. Ashley Crossman (2017) in “What Sociology Can Teach Us about Oppression” states that “Social Oppression is a concept that describes a relationship of dominance and subordination between categories of people in which one benefits from the systematic abuse, exploitation, and injustice directed toward the others” (Para 1). Colonization is a source that only causes more harm than good in the world by the idea of stripping, lower nations of their precious…show more content…
Nathan Robinson (n.d.), author of “A Quick Reminder of Why Colonialism Was Bad” explains that colonialism is “A strict hierarchy separates the colonized and the colonizer; you are treated as an inconvenient subhuman who can be abused at will. The colonists commit crimes with impunity against your people. Efforts at resistance are met with brutal reprisal, sometimes massacre”(para 1). Colonialism is the idea of going to countries that are rich in resources i.e. countries in Africa and forcing them to give their goods through various forms such as labor and slavery. In the peer-reviewed article, “The Impact of Colonialism on African Economic Development”, authors Settles & McGaskey (1997) disclose that “The economic goals of colonialism were simple: to provide maximum economic benefit to the colonizing power at the lowest possible price” (para 3). Before colonization, countries had their own economy where they had trade market of gold and would trade resources with other countries. Similarly, communism had an impact on colonization as the economy of those impoverished countries did not improve, but only became worse. Daron Acemoğlu and James Robinson
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