Why Coming Of Age Is Important

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Coming of age can be a big deal in someone’s life. Coming of age means there will be a lot of changes not only when it comes to your physical appearance but the way you deal with everyday situations in life. You may also acquire a new skill set with your coming of age which we’ll talk about later on. Now with your coming of age you will obviously act more mature when placed in certain situations in life. Back when you were a kid and got into an argument you would settle your arguments on the playground aka (fight it out). But now that you are of the age of a more mature you, you would probably go about solving your problems in a more civilized manner .Depending on what the problem is and to what extent that is there will be more problem solving options at your disposal…show more content…
When growing up you will be expected to perform and do things that include skills needed such as, leadership skills. A skill such as leadership can be very helpful at home, at work or many other places. Organization skills are also a necessity in your coming of age, because you will be faced with many more responsibilities that need to prioritized and put before the hobbies or interests that you might usually put before responsibilites. When it’s your coming of age ,or someone else’s you may notice the things previously stated. Things such as major personality changes, attitude changes, mental changes ect ect. Hopefully the odds are in one’s favor when it's their time for the coming of age so they will become a strong , responsible, hardworking organized person in
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