Why Companies Should Stay In America Essay

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“From 2000-2010, exports of American goods jumped 66%; the export of services increased even more – 84% (Kinicki & Williams, 2012)”. Due to the rules and regulations for the companies that are settled in the United States, it is sometimes harder for the company to be successful. The United States has more safety regulations than other countries, like Mexico. The materials for companies in the United States are more expensive too. These are some of the reasons; companies have been closing their factories and businesses in the United States and moving elsewhere.
It seems there are more reasons why companies should move out of the United States, than why they should stay. One of the reasons that companies should stay in the United States, is an important one. While moving to another place, it can be cheaper on labor and production; it can also be costly
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This summer I went on vacation to Cozumel, Mexico, I wanted to bring our kids back a shirt or souvenir from there. While looking in one of the shops downtown, I find a cute shirt and I see the tag says “Made In America”. The shirt was about $12 USD. I thought it was funny and a bit strange that in America I am and can buy shirts everywhere that say Made In Mexico and other places, and I end up going to one of those places, and the shirt of all places, says Made In America.
I do agree with you that America needs to continue to make money internationally, it would be ridiculous to cut a large revenue stream, but we do need to find a way to keep and grow the businesses we have in America.
Also, I do agree robotics is the future. No matter how smart or well they work, they will still need to have a person behind them to fix them whenever they glitch or a failure happens. Robotics will cut some American jobs, but they will also create some more in their
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