Why Confucius Promoted Essay

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What do they tell us about the system of morality Confucius promoted? -The system Confucius promoted was for every person to be the best they can be. It was okay to make mistakes, but what he wanted was for everyone to learn how to accept them and fix them. He also wanted everyone one to learn how to appreciate each other and notice when others appreciates them. Confucius system focused a lot on trust, respect, good morals and being benevolent. He strongly believed that “If a man sets his heart on benevolence, he will be free from evil” (“Confucius Analects” 8). Why did Confucius believe that the moral behavior for which he advocated would lead to greater harmony in society? -Confucius believed that the moral behavior, he advocated, “could help produce a more peaceful and prosperous society” (189). Confucius believed this because he strongly thought…show more content…
By ruling with good morals you are showing the society positive ways. They are able to notice that their ruler is respecting them and being trustworthy; therefore the society will be in harmony and follow in the footsteps of their ruler. It was said that if you promote good relationships than you are able to manage them, not loose the good will of the people, and you become “worthy of being looked up to as the head of the clan” (“Confucius Analects” 3). Confucius also strongly agreed that the role of a ruler was to guide the society rather than trying to control them. He believed that if we didn’t guide them and only punished them they will not get in trouble but they will never have shame for what they have done. By guiding them, showing them the right ways, they will learn to have a sense of what is actually wrong and learn better morals. Confucius also believed that if proper behavior can be achieved by the society then they could help make “a more peaceful and prosperous society”
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