Why Cremation Is Wrong Essay

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Although death is a terrible thing that happens, cremation is the best choice for you to make with your body after you pass, therefore the family can keep your ashes or they can spread your ashes in a place of your choice in the honor of your life. There are many different forms to dispose of the body including Cremation, Freeze drying, Water reduction, Vibrations and ultrasounds, and even donation to science in many different selections like science and cadavers for the military and crash testing. With all these options it is your choise and you have the religion to think about and your family 's thoughts to think about. Cremation is the disposal of a dead person 's body by burning it to ashes typically after a funeral ceremony. Cremation is the best way to dispose of your body because it can be easy for the family, you can choose where you get spread, and it is better for the environment.
When the time comes when your life comes to the end, the decision of what happens to you is your own choice but you have to keep in mind that you want you family 's opinion. Your family should have a voice on what happens because when you are gone and they are grieving you don 't want to do something that they disapprove of. Even though it is up to you to make the choice your family should say
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The magic about getting cremated is that you can spread your ashes in Private property, Public spaces, National parks, At sea, On a beach, and even by air. You can do whatever you want with your ashes. Getting cremated also is good because it doesn 't go against any religious rights or laws. More than half of the united states has a cremation rate of 60% and above, and the statistics are still rising for the eco friendly way of getting rid of a body. The best part is that cremation is that you don 't have to get cremated right away you can have your organs donated or you can have your body used as a cadaver and then once it 's done being used you can cremated, and the choice is up
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