Why Curiosity Doesn T Kill The Cat Short Story

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Angela A. Wanguba Mr. Hinton Freshman Seminar 18 February 2015 Intellectual Curiosity: “Why Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat” ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, a well-known proverb that originated in 16th century with William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I believe that proverb was made as a warning. A warning to people who are excessively curious; It may to some extent lead someone into a dangerous situation like the character in the short story below Curiosity Once Killed a Cat by Donald M. Jenkins: One night I had nothing to do. Wandering to the medicine cabinet I saw a bottle one inch high. Wondering what could be in such a small bottle I uncorked it and put it to my nose. Oh! What a strong smell it had. Luck as against me. I got some right in my eye and on my neck. How I jumped. I think I must have jumped for five minutes. When the effects wore off I read the label on the bottle. It said, Oil of Mustard, Poison. Nevertheless, I am alive and now I read labels before uncorking bottles. (Book of Short Stories) The short story shows the two sides of curiosity, the bad and the good. Boredom struck the cat and his curiosity grew. The cat wanted to know everything in and on the cabinet. Little did he know what was on there would burn his neck and eyes. In the end, it is good that he was curious because he learned a lesson from his experience; that goes to show Why Curiosity Did Kill the Cat. From the title above, you can see that I disagree with the proverb in regards to

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