Why Cursive Is Important

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I believe that learning to right in cursive is an every day tool that everyone should know. It has been around for decades; but it also is still needed. I have three reasons why I believe that cursive is still important to this day. I know not all people think the same as I do but here are just some of the reasons I believe in cursive. My first reason for believing that cursive is still needed is the fact that is helops with moter skills. Not only does that help with driving but also with work and every day skills. Lets say someone wanted to work in a factory and they had to use a machine that they had never used before, someone who learned cursive will probably do better than a person who didn 't. My second reason is that it helps people with learning disabilities such…show more content…
In the article it states that cursive works out both sides of the brain. It sounds to me like we should all be writing in cursive and not on laptop 's or computer 's, even phone 's. The people of our generation have become so used to just sitting at a desk and typing all day that we are trying to stop a form of writing. I think that we should lose a lot of the computers in schools and go back to paper and pencil. They say that our generation 's are becoming dumber as the years go by, have they ever thought that switching to computers and typing all day might be the cause? I know that some people will argue with me and say that computer 's and phone 's are a thing of the future, but that is their opnion. I personally believe in old fashion sitting down with a pencil and paper and writing everything out. As a mother I would want my child to know how to right in cursive. There are my reasons why I believe that cursive is not a thing of the past and they should continue to teach it in our schools. I have made my point and I know not everyone will agree, but hopefully this will change
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