Why Daniel Morgan Won The Civil War

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Daniel Morgan was a man who fought for American independence against the British. He was a tough man who received 499 lashes, fought in cowpens against one of the most aggressive military ever, and gained independence for us all. Daniel Morgan was one of the most influential people in South Carolina history.
The British were placing unfair taxes against the colonists, which made them very angry. By 1763, taxes were increasing and being used to help with the dept of the French and Indian war (George). Soon, laws were passed that helped regulate taxes, causing tension between officials and colonists because officials clearly wouldn't address these issues. These laws were taxes, like the stamp act which taxed everybody.
The French and Indian war caused a huge debt for the British. Winning the war cost a
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He had a rough childhood and left home at 16 after a fight with his father, he settled on the frontier of the southern colony of Virginia. He was a tall man who liked to gamble and drink, he worked as a civilian teamster during the war and his rebellious attitude had him punch an officer and he received 500 lashes (History Junkie).
Daniel Morgan became a great soldier and leader because of his military experience. His tactics helped him in his major victory at cowpens. When he was fighting against tarleton, who is known to be very aggressive in war with a war hawk way of thinking, Morgan took advantage of his aggressiveness by volleying a line of troops and having others close in and circle them. (Russell Yost).
Daniel Morgan had a history with the British which triggered a lot of hate. After a soldier was annoyed by him he punched the officer in the face and he was sentenced to 500 lashes. He received only 499 because the drummer boy miscounted, and he always held one against the British. When he grew up he bought a farm and became wealthy then became a general to fight the British
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