Why Did 9/11 Happen

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On Tuesday September 11 2001, there was the 9/11 attack in New York City. At 8:46 A.M , American Airlines flight 11 a Boeing 767, flew into the north tower. Then at 9:06 A.M, United Airlines flight 175, another Boeing 767, flew into the south tower. Hijackers causes the 9/11. It affected people because a lot of people died that day and some got hurt really bad. People loss their love ones in that day. Till now people still can 't believe 9/11 happened. The government responded was, that why didn 't the airline check the people/hijackers bags or check them more than one time. The airline didn 't make sure enough. That 's why 9/11 happened. The people respond was that how come they didn 't do anything thing about it. Their was no one to punish
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