Why Did Abraham Lincoln Succeed

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“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” -A. Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the man who never told a lie, and he brought great success to our country. He came from nothing, living in the back of the store, where he worked the front counter. Abraham was a self-taught reader and lawyer, and spent hours and worked late into the night to create the best work he could. Lincoln succeeded due to external events, his own actions, and his hard working determination. Lincoln’s belief in himself helped him succeed for multiple reasons. First, “Lincoln arrived in New Salem on July 1831 wearing a faded cotton shirt and blue jeans too short for his long legs- a “friendless, uneducated, penniless boy,” as he later described himself. He tended the counter at Denton Offutt’s store and slept in a room at the back.”(Freedman 17) This shows that Lincoln was very humble, he came from nothing and didn’t listen to anyone who told him he couldn’t follow his dreams. This proves that Lincoln truly believed in himself and that he was strong…show more content…
“At the time, senators were elected by state legislatures, not by popular vote. When the returns came in, the Republicans had not won enough seats in the legislature to send Lincoln to the Senate.”(Freedman 60) This example helped Lincoln by getting him becoming a household name, even though he lost he continued to speak out. This event supported Lincoln because he was able to surround himself with people who could potentially nominee him for president. “On April 9th, Generals Lee and Grant met face to face at a place called Appomattox courthouse.”(Freedman 115) This event affected Abraham because it ended Lincoln thrived because of historical events, internal actions, and his hard-working character. Abraham Lincoln was a very determined man. He went through some rough times living in the back of store he worked at, later
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