Why Did Alcatraz Shut Down?

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Wow, can you believe that Alcatraz has shut down? A reason for the cause of Alcatraz to close is because the island itself was too expensive. The second reason is because of deteriorating facilities. Meaning the maximum prison was wearing off, the rocks were being eroded. The history of Alcatraz was very important. Alcatraz was used for prisoners, very dangerous prisoners. Prisoners who murdered people,prisoners who sold liquors and also drugs,prisoners who also kidnapped humans.Those prisoners went to Alcatraz. How is Alcatraz different from other prisons, you might ask. One way Alcatraz is different from other prisons is because Alcatraz was a super max prison. Meaning only extra, extra, extra, bad people went there. Alcatraz was necessary because those extra bad prisoners would always escape from not-so secure prisons. Thus Alcatraz made it a bit hard for prisoners to escape. It was hard for them to escape because the prison was made out of rocks. That’s why some people called the prison “The Rock”. A lot of people questioned about the safety of Alcatraz. The reason they questioned it was because prisoners would escape. Therefore people outside of the prison knew the prison was not safe to hold extra dangerous prisoners. A way prisoners…show more content…
There are a couple reasons why it had to close. One reason of why it closed was because the reason was getting expensive. Another reason of why it closed was because the island was wearing off, the rocks were going through erosion. The last reason of why they shut down Alcatraz was because the prison wasn 't secure. A lot of prisoners were escaping, which was a bad thing. If you are asking what has Alcatraz become, Alcatraz has become a tourist place. You can go visit it, it is near San Francisco. It is on a island, the island is called Alcatraz. The tourist people who work at Alcatraz will take you by boat. That is what Alcatraz has become to this
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