Why Did Alexander Hamilton Sign The New Constitution

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Even though Hamilton wasn’t one of our presidents, he showed great leadership throughout his terms in the secretary of treasury, he practiced law after the wars, and he also showed leadership being one of our Founding Fathers (who were responsible winning our wars against England.) After Hamilton was drafted for the Constitutional Convention by New Year, Hamilton got to attend a meeting in Philadelphia. While Alexander was in Philadelphia he had little to no impact on the convention because he didn’t fully represent New York. Even though Hamilton didn’t represent the Federalist (who strongly opponents to sign the new constitution), Hamilton signed the new constitution as an individual. Then after Hamilton signed the for the new constitution, he got to write “at least two-thirds of the essays” that included some of the most important ones that would explain the powers of each of the branches. …show more content…

However, Hamilton, our first secretary of state, Thomas Jefferson usually never agreed with each other, but that didn’t stop Hamilton to create our first National Bank that was submitted on December 14, 1790. Unfortunately, not everybody liked Hamilton’s ideas because in 1804 Hamilton had died. (“Alexander Hamilton”). After Hamilton's death in 1804, Jonathan Dayton who was elected a seat in our first Congress, he still supported “Hamilton’s financial program” and was “pressed for suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion” (“Jonathan Dayton”). In the end, Hamilton showed leadership by creating our first National Bank, fought in our war like Odysseus fought for his men on his journey home from the Trojan, and wrote two-third of our new

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